Monday, December 31, 2012

TOF in my heart

For a long update mean I have no idea what to write and maybe I'm too lazy to write due to unavailable of booster..
 Anyhow, this weekend a lot lot of knowledge I got from this amazing, wonderful and whatever you want to say about the program..TWINS OF FAITH,a program that gather many wonderful speakers all around the world...It's a blessing to hear their speech even you always hear about the matter but when it comes from "orang hebat" it gives different impact on really touches my heart :')...Their speech come from their's not merely from the know, it feel different when people say they love you when it really come from their heart..

That's right.."kawan mengambarkan siapa kita"...when I was there..I feel like, I'm nothing...there were 'orang hebat' di sana sini...when we're among good people we feel like we want to be like them...just like when we were there,most people speak in English,sampaikan tersyashul cakap English dgn kawan seniri padahal kat bilik cakap pasar ja,hahaha : p..ok..I really respect people that not wearing hijab(they put selendang on their head at least) who also participate in the least the try to find something that most people think they already know and understand...yeah maybe we know but it's not in our heart it's only in our head..

And of course when I say a lot of org hebat there plus we have to pay for that event..mestila ramai artis..diana amir,syarifah sofea,ally and wife and...muadz...and oversea punya pictures because I'm not interested ;p..yes, I'm really not interested to take picture with artist sbb memang tak berminat melainkan they ask for it..hahaha :p..

OK!I don't know how to write about the input I've got..but really it gives a lot of benefit...thanks to my friend, Ida sbb buat ayat sedih waktu ajak..and even I can't understand some of the speech, ermm you know,it's in English, people around the world,UK,Jamaica, US,Japan and so on with weird slang plus Oh! my English hahaha but at least you can feel their 'kesungguhan' in can feel it!

What I can really remember is the last speech from Tawfique Chowdhury, "A DAY IN PARADISE"..and I hope I can remember it until the end of my life..he described the Paradise and made people cry just by thinking about them...we cry because we really really really want Paradise but it seem to far from us..You know the feeling when we talk about Paradise in a huge hall in PICC and people like woah, waa and srrep,srrep(nangis) is like you are in Paradise within the neighbourhood(ermm peliknya ayat)..ok..macam kita dalam kawasan perumahan but it is in PARADISE! One thing he said that all people really want it, is to see our Creator, Allah..on everyday Friday, each of us in Paradise will have their own Buraq who will bring us to meet Allah for an hour and alone! Oh! just by writing and thinking about it make you really happy:)
And one more thing, Friday is a day that all penduduk Jannah from all level will gather, meaning that we can meet Rasulullah saw, Sultan Al-Fateh, Hassan Al-Banna and orang2 hebat yang lain and you can chat(to talk to someone in a friendly informal way~ Cambridges Dictionary)with them!

Resolusi from TOF:
1. always self reflect!
2. Ikhlas + do the right + strong faith!
3. amal with your knowledge even sedikit!
4. set and prepare for marriage!

p/s: hope you get something:)