Tuesday, January 29, 2013


                          Harapan sia-sia.:()

                                        Kecewa lagi. :(

Sedih, gembira, kosong. :( :) 0
Mengalir air mata hati. :'(
Tapi saya redha. :)

                                      Itu bukan yang terbaik untuk saya, mungkin ada yang lebih baik :p


                                        Jangan berhenti berharap :)))

Friday, January 4, 2013

In between

Ever you experienced when you are in a big problem, and you need to make a big decision...and you really do not know which one is the best...at that time without asking, and you didn't make dua' to Allah to show you the way, I mean you didnt make the best effort to ask Him for help but suddenly He give the best way for you..He make you to go somewhere, or listen to something that guide you to make the decision...or maybe He show you example of situation if you make this or that decision from other person...Allah is our Creator...He know everything about us, He love us, He want us to be happy, He want us to be in Paradise but you know..it is us that always make ourselves away from Him..it is us that always choose others than Allah..it is our heart that covered with worldly matter and make us blind to see that there is something amazing behind something waiting for us if we try to keep thinking and keep trying to improve and strengthen our iman..Yes we're not perfect, our faith is like the sea, ada pasang surut..but all that depend on us whether we want to search for something or just sit in comfortable place and eat popcorn while watching movie.. 
Semoga kita sentiasa dalam bimbingan Allah..